Friday, May 13, 2005

Panzer Pope Blitzkriegs Liberal U.S. Catholics

In a surprise pre-dawn attack, Überpapenfuhrer Benedict XVI began his campaign to purge his ideological and theological opponents within the U.S. Catholic Church.

“The announcement Friday that the Rev. Thomas J. Reese, an oft-quoted commentator on the workings of the Catholic Church, has been forced to resign after seven years as editor of America magazine has sent shock waves through the worlds of Catholic journalism and academia. Reese was ousted after facing five years of criticism from the man who is now Pope Benedict XVI for publishing articles that questioned the Vatican's writings on issues such as same-sex marriage, stem cell research, and salvation for non-Christians.”

Germans on balconies and adoring crowds: never a good combination Posted by Hello

Other Catholic editors and writers have expressed concern for the prospect of open debate within the church:

“''It would be hard for any Catholic editor not to say, 'Well, if this happened to America magazine, perhaps it could happen to others,' " said the Rev. Pat McCloskey, the editor of St. Anthony Messenger, a 311,000-circulation Franciscan monthly based in Cincinnati. ''I'm afraid that a move like this one will cause more and more Catholic thinkers to say that they want to write for publications that are not identified as Catholic and to teach at schools that are not identified as Catholic, because there is more freedom there."

The editor of Commonweal, a biweekly published in New York, arrived at his office to find an e-mail from a critic threatening, “you’re next.”

In related news, it is reported the Swiss Guard has taken to goose-stepping in their ceremonial parades at the Vatican.


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