Friday, August 22, 2003

In Search of a Decent Meal

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a brief article about my concern for the declining incomes of some our CEO's of major corporations. My heartfelt compassion for those who have been forced to live on as little as $1.9 million a year has at last been justified. Of course my pleas to form some sort of fundraising effort to alleviate their plight has fallen on the deaf ears of my heartless readers.

In the August 20th edition of the New York Post has a story by Bridget Harrison entitled "Naked Lunch – There's a Naked Woman in My Sushi" about how some of these struggling corporate bigwigs are forking over as much as $700 a head for dinner parties where guests are served sushi off a naked woman. According to the article, a caterer named Gary Arabia is bilking these desperate men for something he calls "body sushi."

Needless to say, I was appalled. Has anyone considered the sanitation aspect of this? That fish is not even cooked!

"You don't mess around with this. It's got to be done right," said Arabia, who personally works next to the naked woman, replenishing the sushi supply with a team of six chefs.

"It needs to be done with the handling and care of professionals."

Arabia uses trained body models who know how to lie still for up to three hours. "It takes a lot of concentration and muscle control," he said.

I would certainly hope that he uses trained models at $700.00 a pop. Do you know how many manufacturing jobs have to be shipped out of this country in order that these men can get a decent lunch? One in seven in the last 30 months alone! I'm sure that some glass worker in Muncie, Indiana is more than happy to see his 20 year job end in order that struggling CEO's can pluck truffles out of a woman's bellybutton, but this kind of price gouging simply must not be allowed to continue.

Have we as a nation become so callous as to allow the top one percent of our income brackets to be humiliated time and time again? And besides, has Mr. Arabia considered a more economical approach to these affairs. You know, something for the budget-minded journalist. Perhaps a nice spread of cold cuts and potato salad?


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