Wednesday, September 24, 2003

How Much Longer? MSN = Big Brother

It seems Big Brother is finally making his move to control the Internet. How much longer before bloggers will have to register with Ashcroft's Ministry of Truth?

Microsoft said it is shutting down Internet chat services in most countries outside the United States and limiting U.S. service to help reduce criminal solicitations of children through the online discussions. The changes will take effect Oct. 14, Microsoft said. MSN will require U.S. users of its chat service to subscribe to at least one other paid MSN service. That way, the company will have credit card numbers to make it easier to track down users who violate MSN's terms of use.

While I am not against pursuing and punishing pedophiles, it does seem a bit heavy handed to shut down chat rooms around the world. Could there be another motive? Perhaps those all important credit card numbers hold the answer to that question.


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