Monday, September 15, 2003

Draconian Measures Needed For Cell Phone Crimes

This very afternoon as I was crossing the street with the light, I was nearly run down by a woman in a late model car. The reason? She was yacking on her cell phone. As I turned to give her my best look of contempt, she shrugged her shoulders and pointed to the insidious device as if that would make it acceptable. To be honest, I would have been less angry if she had pointed to a half empty bottle of beer.

Which does bring to mind recent studies that seem to indicate talking on your cell phone impairs your ability to drive as much as alcohol. So, why not the same indignation and penalties for those who drive under the influence of superfluous conversation? If they pose the same risks and flagrant disregard for the well being of others, why not impose jail time, loss of license and hefty fines. I would heartily support summary executions at the spot of the offense, although I am usually a firm supporter of constitutional rights.

Perhaps good old-fashioned vigilante justice might be in order. Several months ago, I attended a play where the gentleman (and I use that term loosely) sitting next to me had the outstandingly bad manners to bring his cell phone with him into the theatre. If that was not bad enough, he actually started to take a call and converse during the play. Before I could react, a woman sitting behind us smacked the miscreant in the back of the head! (Yes, he ended his oh so important call.)

I wanted to have the play stopped right then and there and the forthright woman acknowledged and applauded for her actions! May there be more like her.


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