Thursday, October 02, 2003

Suicide as Entertainment

Unless you've been locked in the closet as part of some sort of weird B/D ritual, you have probably heard about the Florida band "Hell on Earth" and their plans to have a terminally ill individual commit suicide on stage during their performance. Talk about a marketing strategy that can't fail. If you think not, well, I am writing about it aren't I? And you are reading it. Although I am no stranger to the concept of shameless self-promotion, even I have my limits.

The leader of "Hell on Earth," Billy Tourtelot claims, "This is about standing up for what you believe in and I am a strong supporter of physician-assisted suicide." According to their website they are going to perform at as yet disclosed location in St. Petersburg, Florida this coming Saturday. It goes without saying; the City Council was somewhat less than receptive to this form of entertainment and has passed an ordinance outlawing public suicides. Interesting, I would have thought it already illegal.

While the debate on physician-assisted suicides is intriguing to me, I am not sure this is the proper venue. Hell, I know it is not the proper venue. In no way, whatsoever, can I see an intelligent debate that this important, but delicate, issue arising from these actions. In fact, it can only set it back.


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