Friday, October 10, 2003

Where Is The Outrage?

In a particularly trenchant piece entitled "Bill, Arnold and Double Standards" on the sexual indiscretions of Governor Schwarzenegger, conservative columnist Steve Chapman had this to say:

"Maybe the defenders of virtue exhausted themselves so thoroughly attacking Clinton that they have no energy left to find fault with Schwarzenegger. In any event, I have yet to hear a peep of disgust from the major moralists of the right."

Yes, the silence has been deafening. While I found the tawdry affairs of the Clinton White House to be reprehensible, the allegations against Schwarzenegger are perhaps more disturbing. In fact, they may be criminal. While Clinton showed the moral standards of an alley cat, Ahnuld's actions seem to amount to assault. Which the last time I checked, was a felony offense. Yet, not a word has been heard from Bill Bennett or any other moral guardians of the right.

Although I rarely find myself in agreement with Mr. Chapman, I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I admire his willingness to break ranks with his comrades on the right and speak out against this hypocrisy.

Like most Midwesterners (you know, the great "flyover" region between the much exulted coasts), I secretly harbor the suspicion that the only good thing to come out of California is an empty bus. The recent events in that state have done little to allay our suspicions.


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